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Naturally balance the alkalinity of your water with our simple balancing treatment. Use a completely safe natural solution to reduce alkalinity and balance your water to a perfect level. Our natural pH balancer increases the acidity of your water to help protect plumbing, heating, and filtration equipment. It helps clear water and will help get your pool or spa to a skin soothing neutral pH with natural biodegradable ingredients.

We never use chlorine, phosphates, or other irritant chemicals that can cause itchy skin or red eyes. Start naturally balancing your water. Just use pH test strips to measure your water's alkalinity and add our pH balancer to reduce pH until you reach a truly perfect level.

Water just feels better when it's naturally clean and naturally balanced. Use products that biodegrade and won't leave deposits and buildup on your equipment. Get cleaner water the natural way.

Protect Your Spa and Your Skin

If your pH level is high, you might see cloudy or dull water or foaming. This will diminish the efficiency of sanitizers such as EcoOne® One Shock and allow scale buildup on the spa surface and on components.

To minimize a high pH, use EcoOne® pH Minus. This granular powder dissolves quickly and protects your spa and equipment from deterioration caused by excess alkalinity.

Turn on your spa’s pumps so water can circulate. For spas with pH levels higher than 7.8, pre-dissolve 2 oz. (or 4 tablespoons) of pH Minus in water before adding to spa. Allow water to circulate and retest in about an hour. Follow this procedure until pH is in the correct range of 7.2-7.8.

Ingredients: Sodium Bisulfate

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