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Increase Alkalinity in your water with our simple alkalinity treatment. Use a completely natural solution to reduce acidity and create perfectly alkaline water. Our natural alkalizer reduces the acidity of your water by increasing alkalinity to the proper 7.2-7.6 alkaline range. It helps protect plumbing, heating, and filtration equipment by preventing acid damage. It can clear cloudy water and will help get your pool or spa to a refreshing alkaline pH with natural biodegradable ingredients.

We never use chlorine, phosphates, or other irritant chemicals that can cause itchy skin or red eyes. Start naturally balancing your water.Just use pH test strips to measure your water's acidity and add our pH balancer to increase pH until you reach your desired level of alkalinity. Water just feels better when it's naturally clean and naturally alkaline. Get cleaner water the natural way.

No More Frustrating pH “Bounce”

Alkalinity volume impacts how well you can balance the pH of your spa. It is a good idea to balance your alkalinity before addressing your pH levels, otherwise you might experience “pH bounce,” the frustrating experience where despite your efforts to balance your pH, it swings dramatically below 7.2 and above 7.8!

Beside the challenges of balancing pH, low total alkalinity can cause pitting, etching, and weakening of plaster surfaces as well as corrosion of metal fixtures in your spa.

First, turn on pumps so water can circulate and then test your spa’s total alkalinity. If less than 75 ppm pre-dissolve 2 to 3 tablespoons of EcoOne® Alkalinity Plus in water before adding to spa. Allow spa water to circulate and retest. Follow this procedure until total alkalinity is in the correct range of 80-120 ppm.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate

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