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About Us

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Solutions for Home & Outdoors.

At Pacific Sands Inc. we manufacture household and commercial cleaners and spa chemicals that work as well or better than the big national brands, but are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and healthy for you and your family.

Our product line-up includes:
- Oxy-boost ultra-concentrated oxygen bleach stain eliminator
- Natural Choices green cleaners to make your house sparkle inside and out.
- Ecoone pool and spa treatment system that leaves your water safe and your skin smooth and baby-soft.

All our proprietary formulations use natural-based ingredients that are effective and powerful yet gentle to you and the environment.

We love families and the environment, so our products are

- Never tested on animals.
- In recyclable packaging.
- Made with biodegradable, earth-friendly ingredients.

Our Core Values:

- Be respectful of the environment.
- Be health conscious.
- Appreciate and value every customer.
- Take personal ownership.
- Work together.
- Achieve financial prosperity by having strong governance, corporate responsibility and unwavering ethics.